PrayAssist; Free app to help you pray

GlobalRize spreads the gospel all over the world, using the internet. Prayer is an important element of Christian life. GlobalRize believes in the power of prayer and wants to encourage it. For this reason we developed PrayAssist. This intuitive app helps you to save, organize and share your prayers.

The app is easy to use and freely available voor IOS and Android. If you want to, you can sign up using Facebook, and easily add friends this way. Or you can sign up with your email address.

PrayAssist helps you pray. You can set a prayer reminder, so you never forget to pray. To grow in prayer, you can join open prayer groups and get inspiration for your prayers, or be encouraged to pray more for a certain subject.

Furthermore PrayAssist gives you the option to start your own private prayer group and invite your friends or other PrayAssist users. Start praying together and encourage each other.

Download PrayAssist and find out how it will assist you in your prayer life.

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