GlobalRize reaches millions of people on social media. Every day messages are posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

The English Facebook page Biblword has more than 4.5 million followers and reaches tens of millions each month. Every week millions of people react to the posts by “liking” them or sharing them with their friends. Biblword is one of the largest Bible pages on Facebook.

On Biblword there are mostly posts with a photo and a text. Posts that are original to Biblword are the posters with the Bible tweets: messages of 140 characters where there is a short Bible quote coupled with an encouraging, teaching or challenging thought.

There are also posts with complete Bible verses, one-line summaries of psalms or devotional texts. Short videos with a Biblical message are gaining a greater role in what is on the page.

Biblword has its own page in other languages, as well. We hope to be able to add more languages over the years.

Facebookpagina Biblword