Thank you for supporting Jelle!

Thank you for supporting Jelle

We feel truly blessed that you would like to support Jelle financially. Thanks to your gift, Jelle can continue his work at GlobalRize. You have the option of supporting Jelle monthly or with a single donation. On behalf of Jelle we would like to thank you in advance for your gift.

Jelle Kaptijn

I have been working for GlobalRize since May 2019. Initially as an online marketer, later as the team leader for Online Marketing and now as head of the department Marketing, IT & Design. Above all, I think it’s a great blessing that I get to help spread the Gospel worldwide with my daily job.

I was born on the former island of Urk and have lived in this beautiful village all my life.

After a brief interlude to study History at the University of Groningen, I married in 2014 and now live with my wife and children on Urk.
We are members of the Reformed Church of Urk, where I also serve as an elder.

I love exploring history and theological/Biblical subjects and enjoy a good conversation.
My hobbies are sports (basketbal and tennis), playing the guitar, board games with friends, reading, and Lego constructions.

After completing my education I found a job as a copy writer in the world of retail and web shops. This taught me a lot about how to reach people and about marketing in the wider sense.

I got involved with GlobalRize when an acquaintance asked me to join this missionary organization that I’d never heard of before…!

In 2021 I became the manager of the IT-team.
We now have two programmers and a lot of volunteers who support this work. It’s always a challenge to schedule all the wishes the organization puts forward. In 2021 I also became responsible for the Design team, where I facilitate the team leader, Marijke.

The work load for online marketing grows every year. Our activities include:

  • Supporting language teams worldwide
  • Placing ads on Facebook
  • Advertising via Google
  • Maintaining and improving our various websites
  • Registering, analysing and reporting data via tools such as Google Analytics
  • Preparing and sending out GlobalRize’s digital newsletter

We’re also involved in many other activities that cross our path, such as organizing events, coming up with creative campaigns, and editing or writing texts.

A co-worker about Jelle

Do you have one of those colleagues who are super quick to help you with your question, project or whenever you’re working on something together? Jelle is that colleague for me. We work together in setting up the various languages on Facebook, Instagram and on the websites, with articles. Jelle is a hard worker, has overview, is cost-efficient and wants to get the best reach and results for every euro.
If I need statistics or want to launch an ad: Jelle takes care of it. He comes up with the right feedback at the right time. In addition to the marketing work he does, Jelle is a fine, committed colleague. He needs your support.

Arjan Vaders
Language team leader Spanish & Supervisor Language teams

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