Nieuws vanuit onze organisatie

Grow via Pinterest platform

Nieuws vanuit onze organisatie

Grow via Pinterest platform

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, GlobalRize now also spreads the gospel via Pinterest. “A big advantage of Pinterest is that posts don’t fade into the background over time, like with Facebook and Instagram. It remains topical,” explains Gerdina Korf, who coordinates the project.

For some time now there has been a link between Biblword (GlobalRize’s website with, among other things, bible articles) and Pinterest, so if a new article is now posted, it will automatically appear on Pinterest as well. But this is not the case for the older articles.

Form an opinion

Fortunately, we have an involved volunteer who posts these articles on Pinterest: Gerlinda. She has already posted hundreds of them. “It’s a fantastic initiative. And it helps my own faith life,” she says. I often read the articles myself. What I read in it helps me to form an opinion on various issues so that I can answer my son’s questions. And I am a leader of a prayer group, if someone has a question about a certain subject, I can look for a suitable article. This is how I spread the gospel in my own area.”

God has people in mind

Gerlinda wanted to be active in God’s Kingdom, but was looking for the right way. “I am chronically ill: I have rheumatism in my shoulders and neck. I prayed, “Lord, You know my limitations; I sometimes have days when I don’t see anyone. How can I connect people with you?” This work is right for me because I can do it in my own time and at my own pace. That way I can contribute.” Gerlinda posts about fifty articles a week on Pinterest. “My prayer is that the articles will face the people God is targeting. Sometimes you don’t always realize what your work brings about. It starts with a small ripple, but it can grow into a wave that gets bigger and bigger.”

Nearly 800 articles have to be posted on Pinterest; Gerlinda has already placed almost 300 of them. “It would be great if a few more people would help,” she says.

Win win situation

Gerlinda’s work is already bearing fruit. Gerdina Korf says: ‘Last month we were able to reach 19,230 people with our old articles. 175 people saved a pin and/or clicked on the link to the website.’ In addition to articles, she also wants the slides to be transferred. “This can be done with 50 at a time and we can immediately place a link to the chat. In this way we reuse all slides that are stored in the archive that would normally no longer be used and we link to the chat even more. A win-win situation.”

Visual search engine

Currently, Pinterest has 478 million active users. Although Pinterest is often classified as a social media channel, it is more of a visual search engine for users to get all kinds of ideas and inspiration. You can easily save these ideas in different Pinterest boards that you create yourself. Every photo saved to Pinterest is called a Pin. And every pin links to a website, a blog or a webshop. A fantastic way to bring GlobalRize content to the attention!

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