E-coach Bible course

E-coach Bible course

Required working time: 4 hours per week (volunteer vacancy)


E-coach Bible course

GlobalRize offers a free chronological Bible course: BiblBasics. The course is aimed at people who want to know more about God and about the Gospel. Students come from all over the world. Some of our students are already convinced Christians, others not yet. We are looking for e-coaches who guide our students in their exploration of the Christian faith.

About the work

  • Guiding students, both Christians and non-Christians, who follow one of the courses. How many students you supervise is up to you
  • Monitoring daily (workdays) if new reactions from students require a response

Your profile

  • You are passionate about Jesus Christ
  • You have a mature faith
  • You live in obedience to God
  • You have a ample knowledge of the Bible and a pastoral attitude
  • You have been baptized, and are an active member of a local Bible-believing church
  • You have the ability to discuss matters of faith in a way that non-Christians can understand
  • You have the ability to talk to people through questions, not just to “preach”
  • You preferably have access to a computer (not just a telephone) and internet, and have at least basic computer skills
  • You have a good command of the language in which the course is written (English, Spanish, German or other)

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