Required working time: Minimum of 8 hours per week (volunteer vacancy).

GlobalRize proclaims the Gospel via the internet. Daily more than 50 students subscribe for our English online courses. It is our ambition to expand to 100 new subscriptions per day. The task of the senior online marketer is to effectuate this growth with the support of a professional online marketer.


  • Finding new students for the courses through Google Ads.
  • Inviting posts on social media.
  • SEO
  • Finding new links on as much as possible websites.
  • Development of landing pages.
  • Stimulating the viral effect from course followers.
  • Utilizing new methods of recruiting new students.
  • Optimizing of permanent flow through the course.
  • Maximizing the inflow of new students to the number of available mentors.
  • Often contact with our other senior online marketers.

Jouw profiel:

  • Enthusiast over Jesus Christ.
  • Active member of a church.
  • Feeling with social media.
  • Analytic thinking.
  • Precise and accurate worker.
  • Taking pleasure in executive work.
  • Experience with online marketing is an advantage.

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