GlobalRize workers

GlobalRize workers

GlobalRize is blessed with around 850 volunteers worldwide, in addition to the salaried staff who work in our ‘Mission Center’ office every day of the week.
Please meet some of our talented, enthusiastic, and above all, committed workforce.

And, if you think you might be able to contribute as a volunteer yourself, please have a look at our vacancies; we are more than happy to welcome you!

Marten Visser

Director GlobalRize International
Marten Visser, formerly the missionary director of GlobalRize, is a pastor in the Dutch Protestant Church and was previously a church planter in Thailand. He is also the founder of Stichting Gave, a Dutch foundation aimed at helping refugees to find faith in Jesus Christ. Marten focuses on innovation and the international development of the organization.

Frans de Lange

Director GlobalRize Netherlands
Frans de Lange is the director of GlobalRize Netherlands. He was previously the mayor of the Dutch municipality of Elburg. Frans mainly concerns himself with expanding the organization, PR activities, fundraising and staffing.

Netty van de Berg

Relationship manager
Netty van de Berg is our relationship manager. Netty is responsible for growing and maintaining GlobalRize’s network of business contacts and church benefactors. By establishing and developing more meaningful relationships with our sponsors she helps build a solid foundation for our organization and mission.

Emmie Kaljouw

Teamleader English language
Emmie Kaljouw-Conijn is the English team leader. She is responsible for GlobalRize's English language activities. Emmie previously worked in radiotherapy for 17 years, where in addition to treating patients, she was involved in international studies and conferences. She also studied Theology.

Marijke Reedijk

Team leader Design
Marijke Reedijk is team leader of the graphic designers. Together with a team of designers, she creates weekly images for the Dutch and English pages on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Marijke designs GlobalRize's printed and promotional materials.

Jannita van Winkelhof

Teamleader Dutch language
Jannita van Winkelhof is the teamleader of the Dutch language team and is responsible for internal processes. In her daily life, she works in accounting and is also taking the EC Bible course. Her great desire is to spread the faith even more widely through Christian women and, in this way, encourage women around us and demonstrate the love of God together.

Karel Remmelink

Church seeker
As a retired consultant, Karel Remmelink has a lot of experience with in-depth personal conversations and giving advice. The combination of fifty years of pastoral and teaching work in the Christian field makes him not only an experienced mentor but also an ideal church finder for students who have completed the course.

Grietje Commelin

Grietje Commelin studied theology and completed the master's degree in Bible Translations. In addition to her role as a mother, she contributes to writing Bible devotions and other GlobalRize products.

Nico Bontenbal

Nico Bontenbal is our content manager. He is responsible for the theological side of the GlobalRize content and coaches and trains our many volunteers. Nico worked in Africa for ten years to mobilize the church for missions. Prior to that, he worked in the business world in purchasing and marketing.

Dianne van Es

Course Coordinator
Dianne van Es is a mentor coordinator. She liaises with group mentors to assist wherever she can, answer questions, arrange replacements, etc. In addition to working for GlobalRize, she is a school social worker.

Joost de Jager

English course coordinator
Joost de Jager is an e-course coordinator (English) and guides new mentors through the introduction process. Before he retired Joost worked for KLM, the Dutch national airline, for 33 years. For a large part of those years he worked as an information manager and was involved in the IT support for airport processes. He then worked for Gevangenenzorg Nederland (Dutch Prisoner Care) for ten years, and as a volunteer at the Food Bank.

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Albert David Bakker

As a programmer, Albert David is involved in the development and maintenance of software for GlobalRize on a daily basis. After attending a Bible school Albert David decided he wanted to dedicate himself to spreading the Gospel.

Gideon van de Weg

Software developer
Gideon van de Weg is one of our software developers. He is responsible for maintaining and developing, our e-course platform. In addition to his work at GlobalRize, he studies theology.

Jelle Kaptijn

Online marketing team leader
Jelle Kaptijn manages the departments Online Marketing and IT & Design. In this role he is responsible for scheduling, reporting, allocating tasks to team members and supporting language teams. Jelle previously worked for various webshops.

Johan Klaver

Software Developer
Johan Klaver is software developer at GlobalRize. His main project is the development of our online course platform Johan started out in programming as a hobbyist, after which he pursued formal training as a programmer. He now puts his IT talents to use for God’s Kingdom.

André Scholten

Online marketeer
André Scholten is an online marketeer. He is responsible for posting articles to, maintaining the website, and developing websites in new languages.

Teun van Loon

Online marketeer
Teun van Loon is an online marketer. His job description includes subtitling videos, Google advertisements, scheduling content on Facebook, and promoting the growth and reach of our English Twitter account.

Joël van Otterloo

Online marketeer
Joël van Otterloo is an online marketer. He is responsible for advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. He is also involved in data analysis and data management. Joël studied Communication & Media at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and was previously an advertising specialist at Cameranu. Designs and optimizes websites. Creates content for campaigns. Publishes international ads on social media and coordinates mailing campaigns for various GlobalRize audiences

Diederik Koops

Financial administration
Diederik Koops studied Logistics & Economics at the Hogeschool Windesheim college in Zwolle. At GlobalRize, Diederik is responsible for the financial administration, co-organizing events and office management.

Elly Moorlag

Board and executive assistant
Elly Moorlag was employed by the Church Office of the reformed municipalities of Nunspeet and Elburg as a secretary for many years. At GlobalRize, Elly supports the board, management and directors.

Rob Boerma

Head of Operations
Rob works at GlobalRize as Head of Operations and oversees the organization of human resources, the secretarial office, administration department and facility management, and is responsible for reports and project-based duties.

Arjan Vaders

Language Team Leader Spanish & Coordinator Language Team Facilitator
Arjan Vaders is the Spanish language team leader and supervisor of language teams. Together with other coaches he supervises 33 language teams and starts up new language teams. He was a missionary in Peru until 2012 and is grateful to be able to lead teams to make the GlobalRize strategy "from screen to church" a reality.

Martin Stoffer

Dutch language team leader
Martin Stoffer is the team leader of the Dutch language team. He supports the mentors and supervises the process from screen to church. Martin is involved in the translation process of articles and looks for new opportunities in the Dutch language area.

Alicia Coetsee

Team leader African
Alicia is originally from South-Africa. From an early age, her heart has been set on following and serving Jesus. She has done missionary work in Malawi and Swaziland. Her involvement with Bybelwoord started as a translator and designer, but she is now the team leader for the Afrikaans language.

Jorien van Beek

German language team leader
Jorien van Beek is married and has three children. She is originally from the Netherlands, but has been living in Germany for nearly 10 years because of her training as a pediatrician. Jorien is the German language team leader and, together with a small team of employees, ensures that the German course page and Facebook page are up-to-date.

Aad van der Maas

Team leader Albanian
Aad van der Maas is a regional coordinator at the Dutch GZB organization. In Albania/Kosovo he works as coordinator of the FOKUSI programme.

Woudineh Endayelalu

Team leader Amharic
Woudineh Merin is team leader for the Amharic language. He pastors the Vineyard Church in Ethiopia of which he has been a part since it was founded in 2008. He currently lives in France with his family due to a work assignment of his wife. While in France, he is part of the pastoral leadership team for the Ethiopian Evangelical Christians Fellowship in Lyon. Woudineh invests his time in training key leaders for the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches.

Freddy De Gouanou Souemi

French language team leader
Freddy De Gouanou Souemi is the French language team leader and manages the team of mentors. He has a passion for empowering young people and leading them in servant leadership. He completed his master's degree in general linguistics in January 2019 and is a translator and speaker. He is currently the National Program Coordinator of the International Christian Students Fellowship in Ivory Coast.

Elise de Koning

Elise is a GlobalRize ambassador. She wants to raise awareness for the work GlobalRize does worldwide, and keep participants engaged. Elise raises funds to support online missions. In daily life, Elise works as a marketing coordinator and account manager for "Cellro" in Veenendaal.

Daniel en Else Mic

Team leaders Romanian
Daniel and Else Mic are the first married couple to lead a team together. Daniel is Romanian and lives in the Netherlands and he is married to Else who lived in Romania as a ‘mission kid’. They have a warm heart for the Romanian people and see this ministry as an answer to prayer. They rebooted the Romanian team with lots of enthusiasm.

Elias Phanuel Musigwa

Team leader Swahili
Elias is the GlobalRize language team leader for Swahili and works as the pastor of the Anglican Church of Tanzania Diocese of Tabora. He is the head of St. Peter Secondary school. Elias is married to Jesca and together they are blessed with two sons and a daughter.

Priya Dcruz

Teamleader Tamil (with
Priya D'Cruz coordinates the Tamil language initiatives including the Nadu language, in the southern part of India. She previously worked as a Journal Manager for the Dutch scientific publisher Elsevier. She has a heart for reaching the unreached with the Good News through online ministry.

Gerard van der Velde

Gerard is a GlobalRize ambassador. He enjoys life by dedicating himself to God's Kingdom to reach others with the Gospel. Gerard fulfills managerial functions for various associations and in his church.

Courage Kuzanah

Team leader Hausa
Courage Kuzanah received English-spoken training from GlobalRize. This strongly motivated him to make these same courses available in the Hausa language, because he longs for the Hausa people to be able to access rich Biblical content in their own language.

Mark Cocker

Language team supervisor Fula
Mark Cocker spent nine years as a missionary with WEC International among the Fulani people of South West Burkina Faso. His dream is for multitudes of Fulani to come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord, as they join from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, as per Revelation 7:9.

Alfa Wijnveen

Team leader Portuguese
Alfa Wijnveen was born in Angola and grew up in Portugal, where she started teaching languages ​​and literature. She has been involved in several local and national outreach programs, especially in the field of education for children and youth. She is married to a Dutch man and now lives in the Netherlands, where she serves with the prayer team for missions at a local PKN church.

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Tirza Benders

Team leader SheRizes
Tirza writes and designs posts for both the English and Dutch teams of She Rises, striving to use her gifts and talents to honor God. In addition, she is also the social media strategist for Biblword.

Jeannette van den Bosch

Coördinator Sponsorprogramma.
Jeannette is Sponsor Program Coordinator. She is involved in everything that happens around the sponsorship program. Like posting testimonies of evangelists on the website. Maintaining contacts with evangelists and sponsors. Writing newsletters for sponsors. Her goal is to work with the GlobalRize team to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Finnish team leader
According to the Finnish team leader, he is “inspired and motivated by Acts 6:7 “And the Word of God went abroad.” His hope is that people will be encouraged to follow Jesus and will be built up in faith.


Team leader Kurdish
The Kurdish team is managed by the Home for Kurds foundation.

Freddy De Gouanou Souemi

Team leader Laotian
The Laotian team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Team leader Nepali
The Nepali team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Team leader Ukrainian
The Ukranian team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Team leader Uzbek
The Uzbek team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Team leader Russian
The Russian team is led by a Korean missionary who lives and works with her husband and children in the former Soviet Republic.


Tagalog team leader
The Tagalog team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Telugu team leader
The Telugu team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Team leader Urdu
The Urdu team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.

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Team leader Mongolian, Nepali, Japanese, Filipino, Polish, Italian and Albanian.
The Mongolian, Nepali, Japanese, Filipino, Polish, Italian and Albanian team is managed by an anonymous GlobalRize employee.


Team leader Arabic
The Arabic team leader lives in the Gulf region and from there, manages various sub-teams whose members live all over the Arab world and have a passion for reaching with the Gospel, the many unreached in this region.


Team leader Bengali
This anonymous employee has worked in Bangladesh for several years. He is the Bengali language team leader and effectively uses the network he has built up in Bangladesh.
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