GlobalRize is partnering with several organisations, among which:


7Media is an organisation that proclaims the Gospel through media in Japan. Together we are doing internet missions to reach Japanese.

 Geneva Bible Society

The Geneva Bible Society’s first goal is to make the Bible available for free or at a low cost. It seeks to promote, in Switzerland and abroad, the knowledge of the Word of God and to preserve a biblical Christian culture, that is based on faith in Jesus Christ, but also our civilization, traditions and art. It is a non-profit Christian foundation and is not controlled by any outside political and religious organisation.


GZB is a mission organisation with the PKN denomination in the Netherlands. GZB supports the ministry of GlobalRize for the languages English, Spanish, and Arabic. is a network of various organisations active in internet ministry. Within the network organisation support each other to do internet missions as effective as possible.

OMF Thailand

OMF Thailand is our partner for internet ministry in Thailand. Together we run a Facebook page and a website.

Pacific Broadcasting Association

The Pacific Broadcasting Association (PBA) was founded in Tokyo by TEAM and SEND international missionaries in 1951. It broadcasts evangelistic radio and TV programs all over Japan. In 32 areas of Japan, PBA has created interdenominational “Broadcast Evangelism Associations” of local churches. These associations gather the funds needed to broadcast the gospel in their communities, and handle all the listener follow up locally. PBA creates the programming for them. Roughly 20% of Japan’s 7,800 Protestant churches are involved in these associations. The broadcasts are aired with the name and contact info of the associations, so listener and viewer response goes directly to the local churches in the associations. PBA’s name is not in the broadcasts.

People International

People International is a missionary organization that specializes in reaching the unreached peoples of Central Asia. They visit them in their homeland, but also in large cities where many Central Asians reside, such as London and Moscow. Central Asia is an area where only a fraction of the people know Jesus.

Trans World Radio Indonesië

TWR is broadcasting Christian radio programmes, but also sees the need to be increasingly involved in digital ministry. Together we are working on the Indonesian Facebook page. We investigate other options to share the Gospel on the internet in Indonesian.

WEC International

WEC is an organization active in 90 countries with about 2000 employees from more than 52 countries. WECers are men and women with their feet in the mud, who master the language and culture of a people, in order to reach them even better with the Gospel. In addition to church planting, WEC also contributes to the development of a people. This can be in both the agricultural and medical fields. Furthermore, WEC is also involved in both Bible translation work and literacy. The ultimate goal for WEC is to see independent mature churches arise that will also establish new churches themselves. Because of our knowledge of culture as the language of many peoples and GlobalRize’s knowledge in the field of evangelism via the internet, we see our partnership with GlobalRize as a valuable combination of everyone’s qualities. We look forward to what God will accomplish through our cooperation.

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