Stories from our field

Abandoned, deceived, healed

Stories from our field

Abandoned, deceived, healed

She was totally dejected when she discovered that the man she loved had abandoned her, was already married, and had children. Heydi from Guatemala wanted to turn the clock back and felt overwhelmed, realizing that she had been living in adultery.

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Heydi found it hard enough to find out that she was rejected by the man she loved. But when she discovered that he was already married, she cried tears of remorse and suffered from depression. For a long time, she carried the burden of what had happened alone and she couldn’t talk with anyone about it. Not even with her mother, because she knew very little of the whole situation.


After a while, Heydi did the most sensible thing, “I already went to church, but now I went looking for help there. God gave me three or four people, brothers and sisters whom I love with my whole heart: dr. Jaime Mirón from the Luis Palau Institute; Lidia Jaen, the pastor of the Siloe Temple in California; and my friends Véronica and Ruth. They stood by me with their prayers, advice, letters, and testimonies. A process of praying, pleading and asking for forgiveness for my sins and my pain started through the contacts I had with them. God started little by little to free me.”

Hunger for God’s Word

Heydi began to hunger for God’s Word and was encouraged by Rev. Dante Gebel’s sermons. She found the online BiblBasics course from GlobalRize on our Spanish language page, Palabras Biblicas. There she received a very involved mentor, Joanne from The Netherlands, who had studied Spanish in high school, is now in teachers college, and has been a volunteer with GlobalRize since she was 18.

Heydi says, “Because of the pain in my heart, I felt the need to seek the Lord. I wanted to get to know Him better through the course and discover the depths of His Word. I thank Joanne, because she had the patience to lead me in the midst of my pain.”

Questions about life

After she finished the course, Heydi signed up to be a part of the Spanish team. It was decided that the best place for her to help was in the chat team. There she can help people with their questions about life and relationship problems. She can show others the way, because she can clearly see the contrast between her old life and her new life with God.

“I am so thankful for the fact that I work in the chat team. I am the least savvy of the brothers and sisters on the team, but I know that I will improve with the help of the Lord and the chat team brothers and sisters.”

All the glory

After her initial hesitation, Heydi is eager to share her testimony now. “My greatest desire is to be able to help someone else; all to the glory of my Lord, whom I love with all my heart. To Him be the glory that I am now healthy and free, fully healed from pain and sin.”

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