Stories from our field

Amharic team achieves significant impact

Stories from our field

Amharic team achieves significant impact

News broadcasts pay very little attention to it, but that doesn’t alter the fact that Ethiopia is torn by conflict. This poses enormous challenges to our Amharic team (Amharic is a language spoken in Ethiopia). At the same time, this online ministry is a great blessing!

The team has been active since March 2021, and in those two and a half years, great milestones have been achieved. Approximately ten thousand people are following an online course! Online Bible teaching is proving to be much needed.

Prosperity gospel

Because of Ethiopia’s dire economic situation, prosperity preachers are very popular in the country. Woudineh, our Amharic language team leader, says, “This precarious financial situation has created fertile ground for the spread of the prosperity gospel. Many people attend churches with the expectation of hearing ‘good news’ concerning their health and wealth. Prosperity preachers tap into this longing by offering empty promises through their distorted gospel.”

Very grateful

The Bible knowledge of both pastors and churchgoers is sadly lacking. This creates a breeding ground for un-Biblical ideas. Students are immensely grateful for the online Bible courses. Woudineh: “These have enabled them to explore the basics of salvation and Christian living. Many have confessed that they have just started reading the Bible as a result of the courses they are taking. GlobalRize’s ministry has encouraged them to engage with Scripture rather than solely relying on the sermons of prosperity gospel pastors. Both nominal Christians and those new to Christianity are benefiting significantly from this online ministry.”

Highly effective

Woudineh is also very positive about the opportunities offered by online mission: “Online evangelism is highly effective. People no longer need to wait for a chance encounter with someone who can share the message of Jesus with them, especially those living in remote areas. One of my students, for instance, was serving in the army and hardly had any spare time, leaving him with no opportunity to attend church or meet someone who could talk to him about Jesus. He came across one of our GlobalRize Facebook ads inviting him to join an online Bible study. He was overjoyed to find guidance in reading the Bible and having all his questions answered.”

Less mentors instead of more

In spite of the above, the team is facing considerable difficulties. The thousands of students are supported by only six mentors and recently, two of them had to abandon their work due to ongoing conflicts in the country. Woudineh explains, “Regrettably, two of our mentors happened to be in the capital of the region where a recent conflict erupted, and we have had no contact with them for over a month now. As a result, the students they were mentoring had to be reassigned to the remaining four of us. Our original plan was to expand our team of mentors to meet the growing demand, but instead, we are now facing a capacity shortage.” The lack of a reliable internet connection also creates major challenges.

Profound impact

Woudineh concludes by saying, “GlobalRize’s ministry in the Amharic language is making a profound impact in Ethiopia, a country deeply entrenched in the prosperity gospel movement, and which desperately needs peace from Jesus. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to partner with GlobalRize in bringing the transformative message of God’s word to our fellow Ethiopians, and we look forward to expanding our reach with the hope of even more lives being changed by the grace of Jesus Christ.”

Please support the Amharic team with your prayer!

Pray with us that:

  • There will be peace in Ethiopia
  • The two mentors who cannot be contacted currently, return safe and well
  • The team will be strengthened with capable and willing individuals to join the ministry so more people will be reached for Christ


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