Stories from our field

Amir from Afghanistan: “I want to know all there is to know about Jesus”

Stories from our field

Amir from Afghanistan: “I want to know all there is to know about Jesus”

“Can you tell me all about Jesus? I want to know everything there is to know about Him!” Amir* from Afghanistan came up with this request to his mentor (Marten Visser) when he started the course ‘The Life of Jesus’ via WhatsApp.

Amir, a student at Kabul university, quickly showed that he was eager to learn. “Can I ask you all my questions? I want to know everything, and become your best student!” He suggested quitting the course and simply start reading the Bible together. It was very precious to Marten to be mentoring someone from a country which tops the Ranking of the Unreached!


Amir and Marten started to read in Luke 1. Amir was confused by what he heard about Jesus. 

“Do you know what the Qur’an says about Jesus?” It didn’t match what he was now reading about Him in the Bible, and what his mentor said about Him. “Will you help me understand it all?” he asked. He also kept asking questions that didn’t arise directly from the text, such as: “How do I get to heaven?” His English was very limited, so he switched to Dari, which Marten translated using Google Translate. Marten also sent him a link to a website where he could read the Bible in Dari. 

Extremely dangerous

At some point, the contact stopped for a while. It later turned out that he had been busy with his exams at the university. “But I do constantly think about God and how I can learn more about Him,” he confided to his mentor. His return, however, was short-lived. Suddenly, he communicated that he could not continue with the contact. “My phone is being monitored here at the university. If they see I’m having conversations about Jesus and the Bible, this will put my life in danger.” That was not an exaggeration. Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian.

Less spiritual questions

For quite some time, all communications stopped. Until Marten recently received a message from him, telling Marten that he had completed his studies and was no longer at university. He was free to continue with his quest for Jesus.  

But the contact is different than it was before. Amir is asking less spiritual questions, and is mostly concerned about the situation in his country and his own position in it. 

“I’m having a very hard time in Afghanistan; will you pray for me?” he asks. He also keeps talking about ‘good’ people – prompting Marten to emphasize that through Jesus, there is hope for sinners, in particular. 

Marten’s most recent question to him was, “In Luke 2, an angel announces the birth of the Messiah. Verse 11 mentions that He is Savior, Christ and Lord. What does that say about Jesus?” Will Amir respond? It’s uncertain, and all you can do as a mentor is to pray that God will follow through with him. So Marten will have to wait and see if he responds.


Update: it is now a few weeks later. Amir responded! And the great thing is that contact with him has spiritual depth again. Amir is serious about the Word of God and wants to read more about it himself. “I feel very relaxed when I read the Bible,” says Amir. He is curious about how the Bible works and asks good questions about it. What an answer to a prayer that he is back in the picture!

Pray for Amir!

Will you join us in prayer …

… that Amir will continue to study the Gospel?

… for Amir’s safety? 

… that many more Afghan people will seek and find Jesus? 


*not his real name


Photo by Mohammad Husaini on Unsplash

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