Stories from our field

“Biblword became my comfort zone”

Stories from our field

“Biblword became my comfort zone”

A young woman in Malawi, Yammie (33), came to us via the Facebook chat. She was desperate because of problems in her marriage. One of our chat workers, Tamarah, started a conversation with her.

GlobalRize verhaal: "Biblword werd mijn toevluchtsoord"

She prayed with Yammie for her and her husband. At a certain moment Yammie asked Tamarah to pray for her health; she had trouble with constant, terrible stomach pain because of all the stress. After this prayer she was healed and free from the stress! A couple of days later she said that she had forgiven her husband and they were talking again. Even though he had threatened to leave her, he never did. She trusted that God would work in the hearts of her and her husband, and that after a time she would be back with a testimony.


A couple of weeks later we received this testimony from Yammie herself:

“I have been married twelve years and have three kids. We lived as a happy family before I noticed that my husband was having a secret extramarital affair. He said that he was planning to leave me and the kids, and marry the other woman. I cried… I was depressed… Worried without knowing what to do.

One day I was on FaceBook and saw Biblword [GlobalRize’s Facebook page, ed.]. I sent a message asking for help because I was dying inside. If I was not helped, I would be lost.

By God’s grace they responded to my message and the conversation with Tamarah began. Biblword became my comfort zone. She helped me to pray. Before I had contact with Biblword, I could not forgive my husband, but she helped me to understand that once I forgive, God shall forgive me, too.

Now I am back to normal with my husband. We love each other. We go to church together. We do Bible study together. We are raising the kids in a Godly manner together. My wish is that God would make my family a channel of peace… a channel of love. I just want to thank God for allowing this situation to come into my life, because without the situation I couldn’t come in contact with Biblword. I am hereby glorifying the Lord for using Biblword to bring peace again in my family!”


This has also been an enormous encouragement to Tamarah who became a volunteer four months ago. She writes:

“Since I started working with GlobalRize, I’ve already received a couple of lovely testimonies from the visitors in the chat. I see God’s work in this and it confirms to me that I am sitting in the right place for me to be able to work for God and His Kingdom, especially during this time that we all have to stay inside more.”

“For everyone who knows Jesus, life is much more than just survival”

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