Stories from our field

Ella Resplandece encourages countless women in Latin America

Stories from our field

Ella Resplandece encourages countless women in Latin America

The GlobalRize brand ‘Ella Resplandece’ (the Spanish She Rises) has recently been able to inspire many women in Latin America with biblical messages. Two women who enthusiastically dedicate themselves to Ella Resplandece are Lillian from Cuba and Xiomara from Peru.

Lillian, a dentist and professor at the local seminary, writes articles for Ella Resplandece’s website. In addition, she is a mentor. She explains why she’s participating: “I love to write and want to use the talents God has given me to spread the gospel.”

Heart for Cuba

Lillian and her husband are both active in their congregation, the Methodist Church of Cuba: she sings and her husband plays the piano. Their pastor is very supportive of her volunteering for Ella Resplandece. The church has a real heart for Cuba, a country that has been strongly stamped by communism. Better internet means more opportunities for internet shipments. Churches in the country are taking advantage of the relative openness that exists and are sharing the gospel.

Whatsapp groups

Lillian also moderates one of Ella Resplandece’s Whatsapp groups. It is special what happens in those groups, of which there are eight in total with 1150 participants. The moderators share devotionals every day and pray for the spiritual, physical and financial needs of these women. They are encouraged to join a church in their neighborhood. In special cases (eg divorce problems and domestic violence) they are referred to counselling. One of the participating women from Cuba says, “Many sisters have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. It is an extraordinary experience.”

“My life is not about me”

Xiomara from Peru also writes articles for Ella Resplandece’s website. She studies at a theological seminary and has been writing since she was a little girl. When asked why she volunteers for Ella Resplandece, she replies, “One of the verses that has marked my life is John 17:3 ‘And this is eternal life, that they might know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, who sent you.” My life is not about me, but about the Lord. Everything He has given me is for Him (Romans 11:36). The same grace that saved me is enough to fill me so that I can do what the Lord asks of me. I have much more to say and that is why I am writing, because the Lord has given me more than I deserve.”
Xiomara is also active in her church community. She helps her pastor compile study material for the brethren of the church council. She also presides over a reading corner in the church and encourages congregation members to read and study.

Marriages restored

It is beautiful what is happening in the ministry of Ella Resplandece. So encouraging to see the impact on the women’s lives through the daily devotionals the team shares, with messages of hope, forgiveness and encouragement. Ella Resplandece currently has 140,291 followers on their Facebook page. Every month we share a theme and make two posts in the morning. In the afternoon/evening we post a devotional and a bible quote or prayer.
Marriages have been restored; women have come out of depression, are returning to their churches or are starting to come together. Maresa den Oudsten in Peru is team leader. With her enormous dedication she ensures that everything runs smoothly. She coordinates the themes, the posts on Facebook, invites women to join Whatsapp groups and guides women who approach her because of divorce problems and/or domestic violence.

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