Stories from our field

‘God forgives without measuring the magnitude of our sins’

Stories from our field

‘God forgives without measuring the magnitude of our sins’

Lineo from Lesotho was already a Christian when she started the Bible Basics course. Yet the course has given her a whole new view of the God of the Bible. ‘God forgives without measuring the magnitude of our sins.’ This is her story.

‘I now know that God wants me to love him willingly, He wants me to choose Him because I want to be His child. Before I thought that I had no choice, that the Bible might be a threat or something to just live my life scared of doing wrong things.

I believe more in Jesus Christ because unlike before I know who He really is and I understand that His coming and His dying was for my good. I believe He is my only way to eternal life with God.

No compulsion

I also have gained an approach to inviting other people into the family of Christians. I can rely on the Holy Spirit to soften the heart of a non-believer so that he/she understands that he needs God in his life and that that should be a choice, not force, because He is not interested in followers who have been forced into belief. He needs friends and children who will be happy with Him always, without feeling imprisoned.


I am content and I can support that indeed God’s will isn’t for people to suffer and that even when He allows it sometimes it does not mean that He rejoices in our pain. God wants everything that is best for us. We are His pride and He made us good and to His satisfaction.
I also know now that I should repent my sins by confession to God and ask for forgiveness regularly because I am always exposed to sin. God forgives without measuring the magnitude of our sins.


What has helped me the most with this course is that I was able to ask questions to my mentor. She always gave very relevant answers, full of scripture references and good advice. It has been an amazing and helpful experience in my Christian learning journey. The course was very enlightening. I thank God for all that He has done for me, including making me aware of the course.’

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