Stories from our field

How does the Gospel affect visitors of the Hausa page?

Stories from our field

How does the Gospel affect visitors of the Hausa page?

Since the launch of our Facebook page in Hausa, a language spoken by millions of people in West Africa, many visitors have been able to find the page. How does the Gospel affect those who visit the page? Courage, the Hausa team leader, enjoys sharing stories about the impact of the good news on the Hausa people.

Courage lives up to his name: he courageously engages in conversations with Christians and especially non-Christians. “I share Biblical truths without compromise, answer questions and point people to Christ,” he says. “Among them are fanatical Muslims, but also people with a more liberal mindset who want to know the truth.”

Young Islamic scholar

Courage mentions Mr. A., a young Islamic scholar, who never received any mainstream education but spent his entire life going from one Arabic school to another. This man does not know a word of English, but has now been introduced to the Gospel, thanks to the Hausa Facebook page.

A three hour conversation

About a month after the Facebook page was launched, Mr. A. contacted Courage. He said he had been following the page and had questions about Jesus, the Bible and the Christian faith. The man insisted on personal contact with Courage. “He wanted my phone number so that we could call each other via WhatsApp,” Courage says. “He sent his number and we talked from 10 a.m. till 1 p.m.! We had a great conversation. He keeps coming back with more questions every now and then.”

Read the entire Bible

“Last month he asked me to send him the complete Jesus movie. So I did. He was so eager to watch the movie in its entirety. He keeps posting positive comments under the posts on Facebook and told me he has read the whole Bible!” The story still has an open ending. Courage: “He doesn’t understand much of the Bible yet, which is why he wants to know more.”
Please pray with Courage that this young man will come to know Jesus as his Savior!


Courage subsequently tells about a Ms. B., who kept posting nasty and unfriendly comments under Facebook posts. “According to her, we are liars and on the wrong path,” Courage says. “However, she never responded to my personal messages but wanted to have the discussion publicly on the Facebook page.”

Bible in the Hausa language

“We kept praying for her, until one fine day she did decide to respond to our personal messages. Later that day, she asked me to send her a Bible in the Hausa language. Since that day, she has not posted any further nasty comments under our posts!”
Please pray with us that this woman will find and follow Jesus.

Only a Prophet

Courage is also reminded of a liberal Muslim. He sent Courage a message that he appreciates the Facebook page, even though he is a Muslim himself. He also said that he loves Jesus, but does not believe that Jesus is God or should be worshiped as God, as He is only a Prophet.

Courage: “I explained to him in every possible way that Jesus is indeed God, but the man insisted that this is not what the Quran teaches. I then prayed for him that God would open his eyes and that he would see the truth. He thanked me and said he was prepared to know and accept the truth when that conviction takes root in his heart.”
Please pray for this man, that he will discover that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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