Stories from our field

“I asked my mentors lots of questions”

Stories from our field

“I asked my mentors lots of questions”

One of our students, James Edison Zinnah Wontie from Liberia, told about the enormous grief that came into his life. God wanted to use the courses and mentors from GlobalRize to comfort him and give him a new perspective. His story humbles us as we see how God works in special ways.

I lost my oldest child (Norwai Dekoi Wontie) on 29 January, 2022. My family and I felt totally devastated by her death. I sought relief from my grief, but couldn”t find it anywhere. My study stranded.

What can I do?

I asked myself, “What can I do to console my wife, children, and myself in this sorrow with all these difficulties we are facing?” People from the church, family, and friends came to us to talk about the loss of our beloved daughter. Some stayed with us for months; my wife’s uncle had to stay with us even up till now.

Online courses

Gradually I discovered that we can only find comfort in God and within ourselves. I began to pray and look to heaven for consolation. One day, while I was searching on my phone, I found an institute for Bible study named GlobalRize. I signed up and began the online BiblBasics course, to learn more about our Creator God. After that, I did two more courses, The Life of Jesus and King of Glory. Right now, I am working on Walk with Jesus – a discipleship course.

I have been doing these courses now for three months. Through studying God’s Word, I got to know how God created heaven and earth and how man came into being. As the study continued, I learned that death came upon us as punishment for our disobedience to our Creator.

Answers to personal questions

There were a lot of questions that I asked my mentors about death and why God allowed the death of my daughter at such a young age. They helped me with different Bible verses. They talked with me about a Biblical view of death, about the ways that God operates, and about the death of my daughter. These conversations helped me and my family to overcome some of the grief in our hearts. As I study the Word of God, I share it with my family and our close relatives.

Every minute

Since then, we have experienced God”s Spirit supporting us every hour, every minute. These online courses have helped me so much to be able to work through my grief from the death of our daughter. I am grateful to God and my mentors for the opportunity to study the Bible online.

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