Stories from our field

“I can lean on Christ in any situation”

Stories from our field

“I can lean on Christ in any situation”

Shirley (37) from Nigeria felt she was sinking, spiritually. At the same time, she was experiencing a hunger and thirst for God’s Word. One day she was surfing online when she came across a link to our Bible Basics course. Shirley: “I clicked on the link, registered for the course and got started straight away.”

Shirley is the oldest in a broken family of six children and is a Catholic. She works as a project manager in the development sector, specializing in women’s and children’s rights. “Earlier this month, I became increasingly hungry and thirsty for God’s Word,” she says. “But I wasn’t praying like I should be praying. I was restless.”

Praying with the Psalms

The mentor she was assigned helped her deepen her prayer life. “My mentor taught me to pray not occasionally but daily, and with the words of the Psalms.” This changed Shirley. “I am no longer so worried or anxious about all kinds of things, and feel less anger. People around me notice the difference.”

Leaning on Christ

One of the questions asked at the end of the course was, “What did you learn in the course?” According to Shirley, “The best thing I discovered is that I can lean on Christ in any situation. Without Him, I am nowhere. I wish everyone who is searching for the meaning of life would get to know Christ, build a personal relationship with Him and walk with Him for the rest of their lives.”

Trusting God's Word

Another question was: “Jesus resisted temptation by trusting in God’s Word. How do you cope with temptations?” ”Shirley: “To be honest, I mostly rely on myself rather than on the Word of God. But I find this teaching on how Jesus dealt with temptation so encouraging! If Jesus relied on the Word of God to confront temptations, who am I to rely on myself? I pray for mercy and grace that from now on, I will have the strength to trust God’s words to withstand temptations, trials and tribulations.”

Changed within

One of the lessons deals with Jesus’ visit to Zacchaeus. The accompanying question reads, “Because of Jesus’ visit to Zacchaeus, he was changed inside. Have you experienced the same thing, and if so, in what way?”

Shirley: “Yes indeed. I felt I was sinking spiritually until I came across this course. I started studying the Bible again, this time with the help of a mentor. First my prayer life changed, then my perspective on situations and everything around me. I now feel lighter than when I just started the course. I don’t know how to put this into words, but something is going on inside of me and it feels good. I am no longer so worried about my bills, health and all the turmoil around me. I see God’s hand in my life. I have so much to be thankful for that I can’t even begin to complain or moan. My mentor says that as believers we are “works in progress” of the Holy Spirit. God is faithful and merciful. He does not abandon us.

More than a mentor

The mentor’s guidance was very valuable. “My mentor was more than a mentor. She is so kind and encouraging, a wonderful person. In spite of her health problems she provided excellent guidance. She taught me how to talk to God in difficult times. My mentor helped me in more ways than I can put into words. I am grateful that she was assigned to me.”

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