Stories from our field

“I desperately need a new life with God”

Stories from our field

“I desperately need a new life with God”

In Thailand there are about a thousand people who have started on our BiblBasics course. A number of the students who do the course are led to a radically new view about the Christian faith. And there are students who would like to be baptized!

At the end of the course, the students are given the opportunity to tell what it has meant for them. One of them said,

‘I used to think that Christians were the most sinful people on earth. They only have to confess their sins, and they are not even punished for them. Now I know that that is not the whole story. God also tests Christians. It depends on perseverance and trust in God, then you can stand firm.’ In Thai Buddhism, it is important to build up good karma – your good deeds need to compensate for your bad deeds. There is no concept of removing guilt through forgiveness.

Another student says, ‘I know now that true repentance is necessary. We must fear God and turn away from sin. We must not think that we can nonchalantly associate with sin. Thank God for my mentor who kept giving me good advice and encouraged me with God’s Word.’

Desiring baptism

Another question in the last lesson is, ‘Would you like to be baptized?’

‘Yes,’ tells one student, ‘I desperately need a new life with God.’

Another says that he would like to go to church.

‘I believe in God now. And a Christian must honor the Sabbath. But how do you do that when there is not a single church in your whole province?’ The student also said that he would like to be baptized. This answer shows just how important it is to plant churches in areas where there are none.

The true way

For the question, ‘Do you believe that Jesus is your Savior? If you still have doubts, what are they?’ One student answered, ‘I believe without a doubt that Jesus is my Redeemer. I am ready to be His disciple. I am ready to let others see that I am a child of God. Those who believe in Christ are saved from sin.’

Another says with thanks, ’Knowing God’s will, helps me to find the good and true way in life.’

It is awesome when people discover the truth of Jesus Christ!

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