Stories from our field

“I dream of multitudes of Fulani before the throne of the Lamb”

Stories from our field

“I dream of multitudes of Fulani before the throne of the Lamb”

Reaching people with the Gospel in their own language, that is what we want. There are two large people groups in Nigeria: the Hausa and the Fulani, both of which are mainly Muslim. We are extremely thankful that we have found two people who have it on their hearts to reach these peoples!

Lucky Simon (director of GlobalRize Nigeria) and language team coach Arjan Vaders work together to coach and facilitate these two languages through our office in Nigeria.

Particularly suited

Courage Kuzana from Nigeria really has a desire to tell the Hausa about Jesus. He is a fluent Hausa speaker since he was raised in Hausa land. That makes him particularly suited to be the language team leader for this language. There are 24 million Hausa people, of whom 21 million live in Nigeria. Most make a living in trade and agriculture, and are Muslim.

More impact

Courage tells, ‘Since the time that I took an online course from GlobalRize myself, I have been nursing a burden for the Hausa people. I desire to see that they can have access to the rich biblical lessons/training I have benefitted from GlobalRize in their own language. God’s Word and Biblical truths have much more impact on the lives of people if they hear them in their own heart language. So, I believe the Lord is leading me in that direction.’

Courage dreams that Christ’s Kingdom will grow among the Hausa people and that others who also understand Hausa will be reached and the church will grow in all ramifications of life. He wants to build a formidable team of volunteers, partners, and supporters. Courage has a B.A. Mission and Evangelism at a theological seminary, as well as an M.A. Theological Studies and he has been a mentor for GlobalRize since 2019.

Multitudes of Fulani

Mark Crocker from the United Kingdom wants to work to reach the Fulani with the Gospel. The mostly Muslim group, is the largest nomadic people in West Africa and travel with their herds. ‘My dream is for multitudes of Fulani to come to know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, to be part of the multitude from every tribe, tongue and nation worshiping around the throne of the Lamb (Revelation 7:9).’

Mark worked nine years with the Fulani under WEC. He taught reading and writing in their own language and brought the Gospel by various means: film, radio, and telling Bible stories.

WhatsApp group of believers

Mark, ‘Since returning to the UK, I have continued to share the Gospel with the Fulani through my Facebook page, which brought me to the attention of GlobalRize. I have shared Bible verses in Fulfulde, preaching and video testimonies and sometimes chat with those who become my Facebook friends. Through this I have become part of a WhatsApp group of Fulani believers.

I am humbled by this new role and pray for God’s enabling to recruit and lead a team to reach out online to the Fulani.’

Will you pray with us that many Hausa and Fulani will get to know Jesus and follow Him?

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