Stories from our field

Learning Jesus’ teachings without fear

Stories from our field

Learning Jesus’ teachings without fear

Our Bangladeshi team is passionate about spreading the Gospel through the Internet. We dream and plan in faith and ask God to provide.

They happily report that “on our various social media platforms, students can experience the life-changing teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ without feeling fear or pressure.” The latter is important in a country where Christians are under pressure. The team has started a new Facebook page where people interested in the gospel can post questions and comments. About a hundred questions come in every day.

Over 200,000 followers

Their newsletter features a screenshot of a message from a “seeker” who has completed the three available online courses and come to faith in Jesus. He is one of 55 people who became Christians! There are almost 204,000 social media followers; more than four thousand people have started one of the courses, of whom 58 have completed a course. 120 Bibles were sent to interested parties. 204 people have been trained and are ready to coach seekers in different parts of the country. There are 3 online bible study groups and 14 offline groups. And they have more offline activities, such as training sessions and barbecues.

These numbers seem like a drop in the ocean; the country has a population of 165 million, of whom only one percent is reached with the gospel! Yet there is joy in heaven because of everyone who believes.

Plans for the future

The team is constantly thinking about new marketing techniques to bring the online courses to people’s attention. “We are taking steps of faith and making plans for the next three to five years,” the team stated in their newsletter. “We believe we can improve our reach and approach on social media. That’s why we use online media marketing techniques to find potential ‘peacemakers’ and train a new generation of volunteers so that the work can be multiplied.” , they can also easily reach others with the gospel.

The team sets concrete goals, for example that in 2023 130 people will find and follow Jesus.

Pray for Bangladesh

What contagious enthusiasm in a country where it is far from easy to be a Christian! Pray that many more people will become acquainted with the Christian faith through their efforts.

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