Stories from our field

Muslim stands up for Christians

Stories from our field

Muslim stands up for Christians

While Noor from Lebanon was attending the GlobalConference, his wife continued her work for GlobalRize. She received a very special message that she forwarded to her husband. It concerned a Muslim, Moneer, who stood up for Christians and had to pay for this with a severe corporal punishment.

While on stage during the anniversary concert, Noor read out the message he received from his wife. Moneer said that he had been trying to stop IS when they were in the process of demolishing the church in his village. “After all, the church is a house of prayer,” the man had argued. That intervention cost him dearly. He was thrown into prison and received one hundred (!) lashes.

“You will be My witness”

That first night in prison, Moneer had a vision. He saw Jesus coming towards him, dressed all in white and with a shining face. “He was the most beautiful Person I have ever seen.” Jesus sat down next to him and soothed his aching back. He said to Moneer, “You will be My witness and My servant. When you get out of prison, look for Christians and they will tell you what to do.”

GlobalRize Facebook page

Thanks to his influential family, Moneer was released. He looked for Christians, but found none. One day someone pointed him to the GlobalRize Facebook page. He submitted a message and he came into contact with Noor and his wife, who discipled him. Now, he grows in his faith!


THANK God that Noor and his wife mean so much in God’s Kingdom, and guide people like Moneer.

PRAY that many more people will find their way to Christ.


Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

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