Stories from our field

Roselyn turned her back on sin and found freedom

Stories from our field

Roselyn turned her back on sin and found freedom

Roselyn Dennis from Ghana experienced a lot of loneliness and hardship. She sought and found comfort in a relationship with a married man. Until she began an online Bible course and her mentor showed her Biblical guidelines for relationships. That turned her life upside down. Here is her testimony.

My name is Roselyn Dennis. I was born and raised in Ghana and live in the capital city, Accra. By God’s grace I have turned 62 this year. I am a single parent with a daughter and a son. My mother, who is 95 by God’s grace, also lives with me. We are all Christians.

From church to church

I have been a Christian many years, but lived a worldly life. I went through a lot of hardship. Then I came to my senses and decided to look for a solution to my challenges. I often went from church to church, but I was never a member because I didn’t feel at home in any church, until recently.


It all started when I was scrolling down my phone and found an ad for the GlobalRize course. I stopped and read it through. After reading the guidelines, I thought, ‘Why don’t you give it a try, since you are looking for solutions to your problems?’ I did not harden my heart, but registered to start the course. I finished that one and then did another one. Through one of the courses, I learned about the life of Jesus, based on the Gospel of Luke: from His birth to the resurrection. And I thought about what that meant for me personally. I am thankful to my mentors for their help to understand the Scriptures and how I can be obedient to God’s call.


Even before I completed the courses, I realized that my old self had no place in my heart any longer. The new took over and dominated my entire life. My attitude changed and I prayerfully stopped all the sinful practices that I had dreaded to stop because of losing the benefits that they brought – emotionally and financially. There was a strong pull to keep me living in darkness, but I can now proudly say that I am truly born again. The experience of my new life is so refreshing, that I dread my old life and will never go back to it again. There is nothing good in disobeying God.

Grievous Sin

I lived a lonely and sad life, burdened with loads of care. I went searching for a savior to take my burdens away. I met a married man and we shared a love in which I thought that I would be free. But I thank God for the guidelines from the Scripture that my mentor, sister Elsa, showed me. I knew that I needed to stop this relationship. It was a very difficult step for me, because that was where I had found some happiness and overcame my loneliness. But when I properly studied the Scriptures, I understood that it was a grievous sin against God.

Jesus, not mammon

The question I asked myself was, ‘What do I gain, when I gain the whole world, but lose my soul?’ Just like the prodigal son, I realized that I needed to return to the Father with a repentant heart and plead for forgiveness. I decided to choose to follow the Lord and not mammon (Matt.6:24).

I received a second chance to live my life for Christ. In Revelation 3:20 it says, ’Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him, and I will sup with him, and he with me.”

In obedience, I decided to stop this relationship. That was not easy for either of us, but I did it and now I am free from this sin. I am forever grateful to God for the mentors from GlobalRize for teaching me. I am now living in obedience, free from this sin, and enjoying my new life in Christ.

Second chance

I hope that my testimony will encourage others who are living in sin to have a quick turn-around. It does not matter how deeply we have sunk, the Good News is that Jesus Christ is always ready to forgive us out of His magnified mercies to give us a second chance. I share my story to the glory of Almighty God. I am now ready to reach the world for Christ with my enriched experience.

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