Stories from our field

Serving God against the odds

Stories from our field

Serving God against the odds

William Brummel is one of our volunteers. He faithfully dedicates himself to our Dutch Facebook page Bible Word, where his involvement initially consisted of ‘liking’ comments. This is not an obvious commitment, because William severely struggles with his health: he is almost blind, suffers from MS and has to deal with surgeries regularly.

For a while, William ‘liked’ comments posted under Facebook posts , which is a valuable encouragement for people who respond to our posts. But William’s eyesight is deteriorating, so he had to stop doing that.

Short texts

Fortunately, Wiliam has now found a new way to do work for God’s Kingdom. He writes short comments on Bible texts that are meaningful to him. And precisely because he has been through so much himself, his words are profound. Our page followers notice this and that is why his encouraging words resonate with them.

One example is what William commented on Isaiah 41:10, his favorite text: Even for the here and now, God gives rich comfort and promises in Isaiah 41:10 when we serve Him. One of these is that He upholds us with His right hand. If we look closely at that right hand, we see that it is a pierced hand. It is the hand of Jesus, Who went to the cross for our sins. Righteousness means “doing good” in God’s eyes. And when we believe in Him, His righteousness works in us. Let that pierced right hand sustain you!

Tireless effort

Evelien Simon, our Bible Word Facebook page coordinator, subsequently creates a picture to go with his text and arranges for it to be published. She deserves an honorable mention: she looks tirelessly for opportunities for William to do something despite all the challenges.

Power of prayer

William has a lot to endure, and it is so important to him that he knows he is sustained by prayer. Evelien told him that he is prayed for during GlobalRize’s weekly prayer meeting. He will soon have to undergo further surgery. William replied, “Thank you! For my eye surgery last year, I really felt the power of your prayer, and the surgery went very well. I hope and pray that this may be the same on this occasion.” As brothers and sisters in Christ we can do a lot for each other. Let us be faithful in that!


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