Stories from our field

Set free from isolation and despair

Stories from our field

Set free from isolation and despair

Sam lives in the United States. He had been to church a few times in his youth, but that was a long time ago. He lives with his handicapped mother who he takes care of, but had hardly any contact with anyone else. He felt so hopeless that he had contemplated suicide. Then he went searching for God on the internet.

After he had seen a film on You Tube about the life of Jesus, he left a reply that the film had touched him. Someone from GlobalRize responded with an invitation to follow a course. Sam told later that he didn’t have contact with others about religious things. So, it was a big step for him to even click on the link. First, he sought out where the link would take him. In the end, he realized that he had to do it. After praying about it a lot, he clicked on the link and began the course.

Huge barrier

Sam completed the course in two months. He asked his mentor many questions and came to the conclusion that he would never forget Jesus’ sacrifice for us. By His blood our sins are forgiven. He clearly had a desire to live with Jesus, but must overcome a huge barrier in order to make contact with other people.


His mentor encouraged him to go to church. Sam answered that since the mentor told him about how important it is to go to church and have contact with other Christians – He thought, who am I to deny that? As a follower of Jesus Christ, this is an order to trust and obey. Sam had decided that that very Sunday, he and his mother would go to church, although he didn’t know how transportation could be arranged, yet. But he trusted that God would provide
what they needed.

Active member

Sam did what he had said. He went to church. And not only that, the next week he told that he had taken his brother and nephew to church, too! In the meantime, Sam has done more courses from GlobalRize. In the evaluation form at the end of the next course, he clicked “I am an active member of a church that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus.”

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

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