Stories from our field

Shagufta had a dream to read the Bible

Stories from our field

Shagufta had a dream to read the Bible

Our Urdu team sent us some wonderful testimonies. The following is the story of Shagufta (not her real name). Shagufta grew up in a strict Islamic family. Her mother gave her children an Islamic education. 

Our team leader of the Urdu team says: “About two years ago, Shagufta contacted our organization. Initially she posted many negative messages and asked critical questions. However, with the support and guidance of our mentors, she stayed in touch, driven by growing curiosity.

Safe place

“At one point, Shagufta shared that she had dreamed about being instructed to read the Bible. As a result, we gave her a copy of the Bible and our mentors helped her understand it. The transition to the Christian faith was not an easy decision for Shagufta and put her in (potential) danger. She is now in a safe environment. Her desire to participate in spreading the Word of God is testament to her determination and resilience.”

Helping others in spiritual journey

Many people have to make great sacrifices to follow Jesus! It is,of course, great news that Shagufta is now in a safe place, but she misses those who were near and dear to her. This shows that the Gospel has become truly invaluable to her. It is reminiscent of Jesus’ parable about the man who found treasure in a field and sold everything to buy that field (Matthew 13:44). And, with joy!

The team leader writes: “It is both inspiring and of great value to hear that despite the challenges she faces, Shagufta is now able to help others in their own spiritual journey.”



Please join us in prayer and thanksgiving:

Thank God for His work in Shagufta’s life.

Pray to God for safety for Shagufta.

Pray that her family will also come to know Jesus.

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