Stories from our field

Student tells his mentor about years of searching for the truth

Stories from our field

Student tells his mentor about years of searching for the truth

A mentor from Bangladesh tells about a student who stands out for his deep insight. “Abdul’s story really inspired me to commit to students with all my heart,” he said.

“When Abdul started our Bible study, I was surprised by his good, thoughtful answers. “How do you know all this?” I asked him. Then he told me about the quest in his life.

Contradictory Verses

Abdul: “I read a number of books written around the time of Muhammad’s death. I have also read nearly forty thousand Hadith (Tradition of Teachings in Islam) recorded by twelve people, and the Quran. Many Muslim books state that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been distorted. Not the Quran, it was sent by Allah. But I encountered many contradictions in the Hadith.

They say the Bible has been changed by humans, but they don’t explain which parts are involved. I have studied Islam in depth for over ten years. In the Hadith it says that prophecies about the coming of Muhammad can be found in several scriptures, so I started looking for that. I also read the Bible over and over again to find those prophecies in it.”


“At the same time, I immersed myself in Buddhist and Hindu scriptures. I bought the Talmud (Jewish tradition on the Tanakh, the Old Testament) through Amazon. As I read, questions arose in which I compared the Christian faith with the other religions, especially with Islam. Who is better, a warrior or someone who loves other people?

Who has more power, Mohammed or Jesus? Which scriptures are better preserved, the Quran or the Bible? What description does the Bible give of heaven, which the Quran? Who is to bring us salvation, Muhammad or Jesus?”

Touch of the Holy Spirit

“I answered all these questions myself: according to the Old Testament, Jesus is the promised Messiah. Mohammed is dead, but Jesus is still alive. Mohammed was a warrior who killed many people, but Jesus loved people. This is how I come to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ through His love. By the touch of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ I have found the true religion.”

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