Stories from our field

Sujatha travels hundreds of miles to reach the unreached

Stories from our field

Sujatha travels hundreds of miles to reach the unreached

One of our mentors from India, Sujatha is doing something we’ve never heard of before: she prints the online BiblBasics Course and travels hundreds of miles throughout the country.

GlobalRize verhaal: Sujatha reist honderden kilometers om onbereikten te bereiken

Sujatha noticed that evangelists in remote areas have little (Bible) knowledge and also don’t have easy access to the internet. She decided to provide education for these people, with help from printed copies of the BiblBasics Course in their local language.

Sujatha has a university education and a good job. But she only wants to spend a few days of her week for her paid job, so that she can do more in God’s Kingdom. Her husband supports her in the work and they travel hundreds of miles together with joy, trusting that the Lord takes care of His work. Here is a short report

Seven evangelists

On January 16th, Sujatha began a Bible Basics Class. She calls it her off-line Bible School. Before the class, she prints out different lessons from the course and takes them with her to a region where there aren’t any computers available. Then she gives live lessons to several people. Seven evangelists who work in different areas took part in the class. They were very encouraged by her explanation and started on the course right away.

Afterward, she traveled to another state in order to introduce the course there, as well. In this area there are young evangelists who are hard workers and have to deal with persecution from the government. God gave her a precious meeting with these heroes of Christ. During the four days that she visited this place, she met different pastors and evangelists and gave them copies of the course. On January 30th she went out again, to a different area where she was able to give instruction to ten evangelists.


After she gave the evangelists the introduction to the course, she encouraged them to finish it completely themselves before copying it and offering the course to their church members. In the meantime, she has set up local coordinators who can work independently for the three areas. For some of the pastors, she sends audio recordings of the explanations for the different lessons.

The Far North

It is wonderful to hear how much Sujatha and her husband go through in order to reach these people. They are fulfilling a need, since there is much interest in the course. Sujatha is helped by Azaad, the ex-Muslim who we wrote about earlier. She makes sure that the students are followed-up, complete the course and receive a certificate. That means a lot for these people, most of whom have not been able to get much education.

She asks us to thank God for this rich blessing. She also asks for prayer, because it is difficult or impossible for many evangelists to copy the lessons themselves. They must keep traveling far to another place where they can copy them and this costs them quite a bit of time and money.

It is also her desire to bring the Gospel to the far north of the country where there are very few Christians. That is almost a thousand miles from where she lives!

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