Stories from our field

“The universe wants me to know these things”

Stories from our field

“The universe wants me to know these things”

“Sometimes I feel as if the universe wants me to know these things.”This is how Wish*, a woman from Pakistan, described her motivation for doing the ‘Life of Jesus’ course. “I’ve learned that our greatest weapon against evil is the Word of God. That is new to me.” She took the course via WhatsApp, which allowed her and her mentor to interact quickly. 

Willie Jonker, one of our mentors who has faithfully participated in our mission for many years, mentors this Pakistani woman. When she was assigned this student in January 2024, she had to take a good look at the phone number which started with 92: Pakistan!
A country where it is not exactly safe to be a Christian.

Strayed considerably

The young woman, who studies business and administration, told Willie why she started the course. “I’ve decided to do the ‘Life of Jesus’ course because I found myself far from the Bible, God and Jesus Christ. But sometimes I feel like the universe wants me to know about these things. Willie, I am grateful for having you as my mentor.

Enormous encouragement

In April 2024, Willie received a WhatsApp message from Wish which greatly encouraged her. Wish told her what she learned from the course and from interacting with Willie: “This course has given me so many useful things. Firstly, I learned that the Word of God is the greatest weapon against evil. That was new to me. Secondly, I have gained insight into the parable of the Sower and the types of soil the seed can fall into. And I learned how incredibly important Jesus’ death and resurrection are. I learned how we should live as followers of Christ. 

Finally, I learned that Jesus forgives us every time we commit a sin, and to ask for His mercy and forgiveness. He is always ready to accept and forgive us.” She thanked Willie again, “I am really thankful for the guidance that you gave me. Really appreciated!”

The Word as weapon against evil

Willie was intrigued about what Wish said with regard to discovering that the Word is the best weapon against evil. She scrolls back through the WhatsApp history and re-reads what Wish said in response to one of the course questions, which was, “In Hebrews 4:15, it says that Jesus has compassion on our weaknesses, because He was tempted in everything in the same way as we are, but didn’t sin. Do you feel free to go to Jesus when you have sinned? Why, or why not?” 

Wish’s answer had been, “No, the heavy burden of sin feels overwhelming; I was ashamed and felt too sinful to go to Jesus when I had sinned. Because often when we are tempted to sin, we do the sin unintentionally and we don’t even know how we accumulated that heavy burden of guilt on us. Until now I missed the important part: the Word of God.” In other words, now that she knows the Word better, she knows what sin is and can ask for forgiveness.
Wish also said she experiences that the Holy Spirit within her helps her make the right decisions when she finds herself in a situation where she is tempted to sin: “It is the fear of the Lord that helps us stay away from sin.” 

Willie: “Now that I re-read my own response, as well, I understand even better how she discovered that God’s Word is the best weapon against evil, and provides the answer to our sins.” Willie pointed Wish to Romans 3:23-25 – we may go to Jesus at all times and know that we are justified by Jesus. 

Quicker communication

Willie recognizes the advantages of using WhatsApp instead of the usual platform Learnnn, on which we offer our courses: “Communication is faster. With this student, I noticed that she took a break of a couple of weeks twice, but to my question, ‘How is it going? Are you continuing with the course?’ came the answers: ‘Sorry, I was unwell’, and ‘Just very busy now because of my exams’. Later, she let me know: ‘Good afternoon Willie! All my tests went very well, by the grace of God . Thank you for your support and prayers! I now have time to continue my journey with God again.’”


Willie is pleased to find that students seem less likely to drop out: “One of the changes in my responses to students, lately, is that I ask if they’re ready for the next lesson. When they respond positively, I quickly send the next lesson. My impression is that students now continue with the course longer, and more often fully complete it. That remains a reason for me to gratefully continue my work as a mentor. I am fortunate enough to experience the truth of what Proverbs 11:25 says, ‘Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.’”

Wanted: mentors!

Are you longing to guide people on their spiritual journey? We welcome new mentors!

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