Stories from our field

Young Pakistani asks, “How do I become righteous?”

Stories from our field

Young Pakistani asks, “How do I become righteous?”

During her search for Jesus, she sent hundreds of messages to different Christian pages and organizations on the internet. Huma (25) from Pakistan received her first reply from someone at GlobalRize. Finally, she had made contact with someone who could answer her questions about God.

GlobalRize: Jonge Pakistaanse: "Hoe word ik rechtvaardig?"

Since then, one of our very first co-workers, Betty Krooneman, has been in contact with Huma for three years. We are sharing her story of how she found Christ, with her permission.

“I know how to give”

“In 2017 I was yearning for Christ and His followers. I come from a Christian family, but did not have a relationship with the Lord. My life was passing by, but I was not living, just breathing. I was not happy and came to the point where I wanted to kill myself.
In Pakistan we have lots of pastors and Christian leaders, but still I couldn’t find anyone who could tell me about Jesus Christ and His love and His mercy, forgiveness and all that which I needed to hear. I belong to a church where they teach that we become righteous by Jesus Christ and by our good works: our good works are very important for salvation. I always wanted to know about our Lord Jesus Christ and His Grace but I found no answers.

I don’t know how it happened, but I started feeling connected with the Lord and in this connection one day, I prayed to Him. After closing the door, I started weeping before the Lord that I didn’t want any worldly thing, I just had a strong desire to have a relationship with Him. At that time, I was just weeping and trying to pray, but didn’t know how to pray. Then I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, ‘Huma, you don’t know how to pray, but I know how to give.’ He made me rejoice by His beautiful and lovely words. He said to me, ‘Why are you looking at yourself? You need to focus on Me; my love and forgiveness for you, my grace, my glory.’”

Hundreds of messages

On social media I read about Christ who can help me, but that was not enough for me because I didn’t just want to know about Christ’s work, but to know Christ Himself. I was like a foolish little child with extreme hunger who makes the whole kitchen a great mess in search of food. I messaged almost all the people and pages carrying the name of Christ on the internet. BiblWord, GlobalRize’s page, was one of them. You can’t even imagine how amazed and happy I was to have my first reply after sending hundreds of messages!

That is how I came into contact with sister Betty, through the chat. Betty advised me to take the BiblBasics course. I learned a lot from it! In the meantime, she guided me and helped me a lot. I could ask her my questions like, ‘How do I become righteous? By our own good works or by Jesus Christ’s obedience?’ and ‘Is Jesus Christ’s blood precious for you? If yes then tell me why? Please tell me (if you don’t mind) about the importance of Jesus Christ’s blood in your life.’ Betty often found extra articles for me that were very meaningful for me and helped me to better understand how to be saved. After I finished the course, I realized that I needed to be baptized, and that happened. I have become a teacher in our church’s Sunday School. Soon afterward I enrolled in Bible College. My life has changed and I have a purpose for living.

Serving God

“One day, Betty had asked me, ‘Do you want to serve the Lord?’ and my answer was, ‘Never!’ Then she changed her question, ‘No, I mean do you want to glorify Him?’ and I replied, ’Yes I want to!’, so now I’m in Bible college. I was very clear about not serving God even after joining Bible college, but now I want to be a good servant of God. I want to serve and glorify Him in my life and through my death also.
I’m a changed person now, the little girl started growing up. Besides God, I just want to thank all of you. There are many pages and websites on the internet, but I personally feel that God is working through you. The best thing about BiblWord is your concern and praying hearts. God bless you more as you keep doing the great work for the LORD. And He will save many more souls through you and your team.”

Articles and YouTube channel

Huma now has a YouTube channel where she tells about Christian books in Urdu. She says, “I was just trying to encourage Pakistanis to read Christian books. Here, very few people have interest in Christian books. Bible college students are mostly interested only because they are encouraged by their teachers. They know where they have to go to get Christian books. One common reason is most people think books are expensive, so I want to show them that really Christian books are also affordable.”

She also writes articles on the Christian faith. “God put this on my heart and I just wrote it. Actually it’s in my heart to write for the LORD and when people read my writings they don’t see me, but see Christ Himself and bow before Him and give their lives to Him.”

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