News from our organization

Urdu team reaches many Muslims

News from our organization

Urdu team reaches many Muslims

News from our organization

Urdu team reaches many Muslims

“Come and see God’s deeds; awesome is His doing toward the children of men.” (Psalm 66:5). This month we pay attention to what God is doing among Muslim people. We received wonderful messages from the Urdu team. You’re invited to ‘come and see’ God’s great deeds!

Urdu is the official national language of Pakistan and is also spoken in India by millions of people, especially Muslims. Our Urdu team is mainly approached by Muslim people.

Courage and perseverance

The language team leader of the Urdu team says: “We are pleased to announce that we have welcomed 224 new Muslims to our page in 2023. These people have actively reached out to us with questions and discussions about the Bible verses we share. We have assigned mentors who guide and support them with all their questions.” These mentors are, as Acts 18:24 so beautifully puts it, “versed in the Scriptures,” which is essential.
Speaking to these people requires courage, perseverance, wisdom, love and faith, because in many cases the responses aren’t exactly friendly! For their own safety, our mentors are not in Pakistan – meaning that they are making a substantial sacrifice for their online ministry.

The team leader says that of these 224 new contacts, 34 are people who are interested in the Christian faith. They are carefully supervised by the team. “Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for those seeking answers and guidance in their faith journey.”

Big challenges

The team faces significant challenges in sharing the faith. The team leader said: “The Urdu Facebook page has been shared frequently, prompting some deeply religious Muslims of Tehreek-e-labbaik Pakistan (TLP) to claim that we are actively proselytizing Muslims. This has resulted in a request to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cybercrimes to track down the page’s administrator and have the page shut down.

Despite these challenges, we remain resolute and steadfast in our faith. We are committed to continuing to share the message of love and hope, even in the face of opposition and danger. We are committed to continuing to support those in need and fighting for freedom of religion.”




Join us in prayer and thanksgiving: 

Thank God for all the new contacts and the people who show an interest in the Gospel.

Pray for wisdom and love for the Urdu team as they respond to all comments posted on their page.

Pray for all people who take the step to become Christians.

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